Hand Spraying

GRACO Hand SprayDesigned for spray coverage of products, tins, trays or Divider Bowls, Hoppers e.t.c

A safe way to spray water, oils or glazes where usage is relatively low, but the usage of jugs and brushes is a Health and Safety issue.

Ideally suited to Craft bakeries or small to medium scale producers of snack foods e.t.c

Commonly used for spraying RTU Glaze where egg is no longer permissible. We have several methods of supplying fluid to the spray gun, the main two are Pressure vessels and Drum Pumps

Portable stainless steel pressure vessels are ideal for dispensing these types of products,

Our vessels are:


  • Stainless steel
  • Capacities from 1.4 to 141 litres
  • Operating pressures up to 13.1 bar.
  • Durable rubber and stainless steel skirts

Alternately, a Drum Pump or Pump and a Manually Filled tank can be used.

Both of these methods are available with either airless or atomised spray guns/lances.

No matter what your situation is, can provide the solution for you.

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